Planning for Future Stressors

Getting into a routine takes time. Then, changes happen that totally derail it. The key to keeping with a routine lies in preparing for the changes.

Right now, the Holidays are looming on the horizon.

The difficulty is, we don’t know exactly what we are doing for the Holidays. Still, we can prepare some food to share, and to freeze, in advance for all of them. We have our motor home, so I can warm anything up on the road. We should plan for 2 Thanksgiving dinners in November. In December, we have 6 parties to attend. Many dishes can be frozen for that (especially after it freezes outside!).

After that, Christmas shopping is an issue. I have already started, and I will continue to do some shopping every pay period. If all cooking/shopping is done before Thanksgiving, I can focus on logistics, rather than those things.

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