Pictures from Our Day at Moonraker

As promised, here are some pictures from the day we went back to the boat. The sun was shining, and Moonraker seems to have handled the winter well.

We loaded up the Volvo, and remembered to bring a ladder. (Look at that bottom paint! The only nice spot is over the patch).

We forgot Beanies life jacket, so she had to wear the spare. Rockin it old school!

The Bean doesnt get soda very often, but she needed to toast Moonraker as well! Her owie is getting a lot better.

And look, "Sluggo" the mountain bike is still there, as cumbersome as ever!

And now its tricycle time. You should know that Beanie has never successfully ridden a tricycle, without someone giving her a little push and helping her with the steering.

Yay, Beanie! She pedalled all the way down the road next to B-dock. It was hard work, but she was pretty proud. Check off another milestone!

It was a very fun, eventful day. It’s definitely great to be back.

One thought on “Pictures from Our Day at Moonraker

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