One Last Trip to Bay City

I had yesterday off of work, so we scheduled our pull-out. We got there a bit early, so we took a look around.

With so many boats out of the water, we had a good view of Moonraker in the slip.

There was very little evidence of last week’s storm. The boats that tipped over had, surprisingly, sustained very little damage. Abenteur, the boat with the damaged keel housing and bent mast, was even repairable. They all had duct-tape patches on them, but it was all less than the damage Moonraker sustained in Thunder Bay. The masts were all down, and at least one boat was getting a new mast and rigging.

We took a walk through the back lot, and there were still a few puddles in the grass.

Beanie and I watched as Rob motored Moonraker to the boat well.

Up onto the hoist…

As they lifted the boat out of the water, I crouched down in front, anxious to see Alpena’s patchwork. I knew the holes were patched, because the boat hadn’t been taking on water. But I did expect to see ugly white patches. Instead, there was some bottom paint. They didn’t paint the entire bottom, and the color didn’t match exactly. But the keel looked surprisingly normal.

While they winterized the engine, power washed the bottom and moved the boat, we had one last dinner at Grandpa Tony’s. When we came back, Moonraker was next to B Dock, with the rest of “the flock.” The boat sits lower on stands that it did on the cradle, which is nice. We’re right next to Dragon, a well-known racer in the area, who also had an unfortunate summer. Notice how tiny we look next to them!

We filled Moonraker’s gas tank in Tawas, but we’re been able to sail every time we’ve taken it out since then. So, waste not, want not…

We’ve never been happy with shrink wrap, so this year we bought a tarp. It was a lot of work!

The sails had gotten wet in the storm, so we brought them all home. Here is the spinnaker drying out in our basement!

So, all’s well that ends well. Pulling out this late in the season is definitely not depressing. I am ready to do some fall camping and prepare for the holidays.

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