On the Hook in Cherryland

In Michigan, there is a festival for every crop that is grown here. We’ve got a pickle festival, a mushroom fest, and, of course, a corn fest. But nothing attracts nearly as many tourists as Traverse City’s Cherry Festival. For one week each summer, the already-busy town is completely overflowing, with chaos.

And guess which week coincided with our arrival…

Most of the people in Northport were locals who were hiding from the Cherry madness. But we couldn’t come to Grand Traverse without stopping in TC. We called the marina, and they said that they might have a wall slip for us. Good enough. So we set out.

We passed this island in Northport Bay. I think it looks like an old castle.

A Coast Guard tug. Kind of a rare sight.

Once we left the bay, we were sailing downwind. We decided to try the spinnaker. It was a little chaotic at first.

Beanie kept herself busy.

And there it is! Working beautifully!

There were lots of sailboats as we approached TC.

Cherry festival craziness.

Of course, the marina was full when we got there, so we anchored out by a public beach. It was rough when we got there, but I still went out to get provisions.

It looks like I’m sinking, but I’m just in the trough of a wave.

When things calmed down, Beanie and I rowed to shore and had a look at the Cherry Festival.

It ended up being a great evening. Jelly Bean rode every ride that she could (being only 38 inches tall). She kept looking longingly at the Tilt A Whirl, but that will have to wait. Apparently spending so much time on board in rough water has made her fearless…

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