Off the School With the Bean!

The first week of school is hectic. The second week isn’t much better.

I’ve been happy to get out of bed early enough to publish posts I’ve already written. Forget about Flying. I’m doing what Moonraker was doing in Thunder Bay back in July…sinking slowly.

On the homefront, at least.

And that’s because I’m back at school. I’m modifying assignments, planning lessons, and generally being entertained by my wonderful students. That’s how fall is for me.

But now Beanie goes to school too.

When the bus arrives, she does a little dance, and proclaims “Cool bus!” She takes a spiral notebook with her in her little pink backpack, and often her teachers reward me with a note.

Beanie likes to eat everything in her lunches (which have been modified to fit her GERD-controlling diet) except for cooked veggies. She plays in all areas of the room, and really likes the drums. She sits on the potty first thing, and sings a song. Unfortunately, her diaper is wet when she gets there. Her teachers are as baffled by potty training as we are.

Then, this week, we got into the nitty-gritty. Miss Bean is “working on” staying at the table during lunch, staying with the other kids, and following directions. We suspect that her teachers–God bless them–are working more than Beanie. At lunch, she likes to put too much food in her mouth, so that she has to spit it out. Then she throws a tantrum when they try to limit the amount of food she eats at a time. Yesterday was a rough day.

Beanie didn’t seem to think so.

She came home, with a triumphant smile on her face. Then, an hour later, she decided she wanted to go back on the “Cool bus.” There was much lamenting when we told her she would have to wait until Monday.

So, more oral sensory activities, it is. Rob will buy some more “chewy tubes” from therapy today. I even bought her some chewing gum today (sugar free–it’s horrible but at least it won’t aggravate her reflux). It kept her entertained while I completed the grocery shopping. That’s something, at least! If we do more of that stuff at home, maybe her eating habits will change. And we’ll tell them to cut her food up.

But, it’s been mainly great. She brought home her first art project yesterday, and it’s been posted on the fridge. She’s already talking more and constantly singing her new songs.

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