Off the Grid Tuesday: We Finally Bought One!

We’ve been thinking about the ice box. We’ve been thinking about buying a newer fridge and unplugging it in the winter. We’ve been thinking about how much electricity our fridge draws every day.

Last week, I came home to a surprise.

For $75 at a resale shop, Rob found a 1940’s Philco. He hooked it up to the Kill-A-Watt and found that it draws much less electricity than either of our previous fridges. It’s extremely well insulated and almost never runs. The best part:

The freezer is in the fridge. We don’t really need a freezer, so we plan on filling it with ice, so that the fridge will run even less. In the winter, we’ll freeze water outside, then fill the freezer. Then, we’ll be able to pull the plug!

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