Off the Grid Tuesday: The Basement Project

When we were house shopping, we thought we needed a big house. So, we ended up with 1100 square feet and a partial, walk-out basement. That was, of course, too much house. But the basement is a wonderful resource.

We bought the house in the winter, and the utilities had long been shut off (it was a foreclosure). But the basement was 45 degrees.

We would only need to heat that 25 degrees in order to be comfortable. It wouldn’t be hard to do that with a woodstove!

So, with the goal of saving $300 a month in heating bills, we’re planning on moving into our basement this winter. And, boy, do we have a long way to go!

This is "the cave." It's the open part, in front of the basement. We plan on closing it in, making a full basement. Rob's workshop will go in the room to the left. The wood for the stove will be stacked to the right. We bought the French doors from our neighbors. Those will be the front doors to the enclosure.

The area where Rob's workshop will be.

French doors, and the area where the wood will be stacked.

Rob's workshop, which will be moved to the outside enclosure.

This area will become either a closet or Beanie's room.

The laundry will stay there, but the greasel still will be removed.

Our kitchen will be here. The grey walls will have to be changed--it makes it look like a psycho's lair...

The cabinets and fridge will go. But the fun stuff will stay and keep us entertained!

The stinky carpet will have to be replaced. It's stinky, because the water heater leaked all over it. Taking on water in the house isn't scary, but it is annoying.

This won't get used much, hopefully!

So, we have a long way to go. We have to fix the cars first, and get them all running, before we start the basement (the Saab’s radiator exploded on the way home from work on Wednesday!). So, stay tuned, and you’ll see our progress in a couple of weeks.

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