Off the Grid Tuesday: Old Fashioned Entertainment

While we obviously own computers and Internet access, we don’t spend all of our time on-the-grid. We don’t own a television set, and we don’t play a lot of video games. Instead, we often play games in the evening. Here are some of our favorites:

Mancala is our current favorite. It’s so simple, yet to complex. We have to really struggle to figure out the perfect strategy. Right now, Rob is doing better, by a little. But it’s pretty close!

Scrabble is another favorite, although the odds are significantly against Rob, since his opponent is an English teacher. We frequently consult our “Official Scrabble Dictionary.” Don’t even try to play without it!

We love Chess! Rob wins, when we haven’t played in awhile. When we’re both playing it a lot, though, we always end in a stale mate. This game has very little element of chance, which makes it great for matching wits. However, when you’ve been married for awhile, your IQ’s start to average out.

Bonkers is nuts. We love the random-ness of it! You can so easily get stuck in a loop, or just lose. It’s great!

I had a chance at a Trivial Pursuit game at a White Elephant auction, so of course I took it! (It helped that I was the only person who wanted it…) Nobody is good at this game, but you become progressively nerdier the longer you play.

Of course, when we get together with friends and family, the choices are a bit different. We really like Tripoly, Hearts (I never win at this one, but I definitely wreak a lot of havok!), Golf, and Mexican Train Dominoes (we have a special score sheet and set of dominoes, just for Moonraker). When we see our friends, who also grew up in the ’90’s, we really enjoy Magic: the Gathering. Trust me, there is a lot of low-tech fun to be had!

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