Off the Grid Tuesday: Heating Alternatives

Face it, winter is coming.

We’ve got a high-efficiency natural gas furnace that keeps us nice and cozy. I just pay DTE $300-400 a month, and my house stays 70. Yeah. Except that I want to cruise all summer next year, so I’m going to have to save up some cash. It’s time to reduce that bill!

First, we need to fill in the holes in our house. Like the boat, our house is very religious (like, holey–ha, ha, ha!). The house obviously won’t sink, but it is a bit pricey. Then, we’ve got this basement that stays 40 degrees in the winter, with NO furnace. Would it not be better to live down there, and close up the main floor and second story?

Then, there’s the issue of the heater. We’ve drooled over add-on wood-burning units. They cost about $1000.

We’ve also considered pellet-burning units. They are clean and easy (no chopping wood!), but they do not save as much money as a wood-burner.

However, since we plan to eventually get that Kitchen Queen stove, we don’t want to invest a great deal of money in a wood furnace. The stove will heat the house fine, when we get it. Also, since we are planning on living in the basement, we won’t need something that has to heat a large area. This is what we’re leaning toward:

$200-300, and I can put my tea kettle on top! This could be a very happy, cozy winter.

4 thoughts on “Off the Grid Tuesday: Heating Alternatives

  1. That stove should heat your whole house without a problem. Grandparents had one like that in a single story 3 bedroom range and they drive you out with the heat.

    Just make sure the wood is split fairly small.

    • Thanks for the advice! We’re planning on enclosing the area in front of our walk-out basement, and keeping the wood in there. I’m really looking forward to lower heating bills!

    • Less is more with our kids, that’s for sure! I’ve got lots of sensory diet activities on here, so feel free to look around. I would love to exchange ideas with another SPD mom.

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