Off the Grid Tuesday: Back to the Basement

OK, so having the basement ready to move into this winter was a lofty goal, but not exactly realistic. However, meeting my New Year’s Resolution of being off the grid by next January is completely feasible. We are plugging along, while paying the higher gas bills (not sure exactly why) and lower electric bills than last year.

Here are some pictures of our project:

The woodstove, waiting in the new workshop.

The main room, a bit less cluttered.

The workshop, moved to the newly enclosed area, out of the main room!

We moved the veggie oil refinery out of the corner and moved the cupboards that used to be next to the fridge (which is also gone). Eventually, the cupboard will be moved over the dryer, and we'll put countertop over the drawers.

Open space! This is where the fridge was, with the cupboards next to it.

The area where the workshop used to be. The garbage, of course, will go. And the fridge as well. We plan to make this a closet.

So this week’s pictures aren’t very impressive, but do compare them to when we started! Today we buy the carpet, so there will be a bigger difference next week. Hopefully we’ll have the carpet laid and the woodstove installed!

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