Observing Lent

Lent is something I’ve struggled with.

I understand the need for discipline, and for sacrifice. I understand that you can’t truly rejoice unless you understand suffering.

However, when it comes down to it, I love my life. I love this gift I’ve been given, and I nearly always want to rejoice. Sure, I’ve been through trials, but they are nothing compared to my family, my friends, my job, and (of course) the view of the world and nature that I’ve been privileged to see from Moonraker. I want to praise God, always.

I’ve decided this is good, and what I should do.

However, there are always ways in which I could improve my focus. In the past I’ve “given something up” for Lent but, in light of my New Year’s Resolutions, this seems redundant. I’ve thought of vices, and of things to give up. Without coffee, during the school year, I swear I’ll grow horns. I thought about eating better, but, really I’m doing pretty well.

Which brings me to my online time.

I love writing, as it’s helped me to find myself and to articulate who I truly am to my friends and family. It’s allowed me to display my courage and (hopefully) inspire others to do the same. These are my “true colors” so to speak.

I love the women I’ve met online, especially on Michigan Natural Parenting. They are my support network, in a world where parents are becoming more and more isolated.

I have my family. We always connect so closely during the summer, even with my time spent online. But right now, we need to really focus on us.

I can’t stay away completely. The next 40 days will bring Beanie’s IEP, preparations for launch day (which I moved up recently, so it’s 95 days away!), and Easter. I will write once a week,every Friday, to give you updates. That will be the only day I spend time online.

Otherwise, I’m spending time with them, working on Beanie’s therapy and potty training, preparing for spending 3 months together 24/7. When Easter comes, there will be less than a month until launch day, and I will definitely take you with us on the journey.

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