Non-Poisonous Comfort Food

All right, so there are two foods I can’t resist: comfort food and really good sushi. The latter is not a problem, but the former has led to me eating a great deal of poison, especially when I’m sick or feeling stressed.

I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but I love salty, starchy, cheesy foods as well as crispy fried goodies. I actually look forward to getting “tornadoes” at gas stations! Talk about poison! When I was pregnant, I lived off of crispy fried goodies. After the car accident, Rob went over to the greasy spoon next to the hospital and had them make me a special double-decker grilled cheese.

So, when things become stressful or I don’t feel well, my usual healthy meals (and their preparation!) just don’t cut it. I’ll find myself going out for something a bit more soothing.

For that reason, my mission this week has been to find recipes for comfort food, and to adapt them so that they are healthy. Breakfast was easy; we had French toast, quesadillas, pancakes, and scrambled eggs. Lunches included veggie wrapspasta salad (this will be a great meal on the boat!), cottage cheese with tomatoes, ham and cheese wraps, and macaroni and cheese.

Dinners were the larger (and more fun) challenge. We had pizza, baked macaroni and cheese, millet casserole, baked penne, and meatloaf. Snacks are something I often neglect in my meal planning, and then I end up going out to buy them. This week, we enjoyed peanut butter balls, popcorn, and homemade Thin Mints.

I have made a page with links to all of my recipes, so that you can find all of these new additions, as well as recipes I posted earlier.

Happy cooking!

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