Next Summer’s Wish List

We’ve decided that we would like to cruise all summer, next year. This would involve much more anchoring-out, not always at marinas. While we would still rent transient slips, we would need to rely less on shore hook-ups than we do now. So here are some updates we’ve considered!

Solar panels can be had for around $200 apiece. We would like to get two, which would help keep our batteries charged. It would be wonderful if we could run the fridge when we’re anchored out, and not to have to worry about finding ice.

Wind generators are a bit pricier, but if we win the lottery…Who knows, maybe we will actually find wind next summer.

This is a holding tank. We need a larger one. We’ve already had to pump out once on this trip, and we’ve mainly been at marinas, which have facilities. I’d say this item is not a “wish list” item, but a “gonna happen” kind of thing.

It’s not quite as important, but a larger water tank would be nice. Ours is fine for our purposes now, and there are places to fill up on water anywhere we would go.

This is a propane stove for $60 from Harbor Freight. It’s not ugly. My current stove is.

So, it’s fun to do some dreaming while we’re waiting for the repairs to finish. Hopefully soon we’ll be back to our adventures!

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