Natural Selection and Thrift Store Clothing

Establishing my minimalist wardrobe has been a journey. I started with this vision, then made some actual acquisitions, from a thrift store shopping trip.

There is never any guarantee that a piece of clothing will hold up, whether it’s new or used. Some of my dresses have been “naturally selected,” and will be long-term components of my wardrobe. Others didn’t make the cut and have fallen apart.

My red dress, unfortunately, was one of these pieces. The silk ripped while I was unzipping it. I love the black dress and have it with me on the boat. The plaid dress needed re-hemming, but it is holding up. I am not sure if it is a style I want to keep though. Time will tell. I’ve been through a few shirts. I didn’t like the cut of my blue shirt, so I replaced it with a nautical-looking white one. That stretched out and started to fray, so now I have a sturdier off-white lace shirt.

Last summer, I fell in love with the white sundresses that women wore at the marinas. White is risky and has led to some behavioral changes (all for the better!). I’m not sure if I can make it work during the winter, but,again, time will tell.

Here are my newest additions:

This one is so incrediby comfy–it feels like Im wearing pajamas! But its not going to make the cut. Its falling apart already, and has shrunken so it doesnt fit like it should.

The pictures we took of my next dress tell a story…

This is a home made dress we bought on eBay. So far, it seems to be making it. I really like this one, so I hope it does!

Hello, Bean…

Who could turn her down?

My last dress is a definite winner and should hold up for years. Again, Beanie made her presence known!

So, this is where I am with my wardrobe:

–White cotton dress (probably going to fall apart soon)
–Hand made white dress
–Black dress
–Blue dress
–Lace shirt
–Plaid silk dress (not sure if going to keep)
–Black blazer
–Gray blazer (I got rid of one of them)
–Denim jacket
–Leather shoes for work
–Bathing suit
–Tights, underwear (5 pair), etc.

So, I’ve got 15 pieces, not counting underwear, etc. That’s fine with me. 12 was not a magic number. It’s not about going as low as I can, it’s about having just the right amount. And I’m getting there. The white cotton dress will probably be replaced by the end of the summer (probably by another white dress).

As far as accessories, I usually wear my wedding ring (I’m not sure it can come off, at this point!) and a necklace with Beanie’s birthstone (the emerald). I also have a locket that Rob’s mom gave me right before our wedding (brother-in-law’s wife, whom I refer to as my sister, got one too). I would love to get some earrings, since my ears are double pierced (I love hoops and danglies!). I will probably find some when we’re cruising. I have some family jewelry that I don’t wear much, that has sentimental value. And hair ties, of course. I have such thick hair that it’s impossible to sail without tying it up. And it has to be off my neck, pinned to my head, when it’s hot out.

So what if you aren’t ready to have a 15-piece wardrobe? Try doubling that (plus a bit more), just for a little while! The 333 project is a great place to start, if you want to regain control of your closet.

3 thoughts on “Natural Selection and Thrift Store Clothing

  1. I just put my laundry away today and realized I need to do a culling of my clothes. Not sure if I could get down to 15 but I will probably be close. By season that is as I need warm clothes too.:-)

    • Oh, goodness! My wardrobe has grown. Now that we’re getting serious about the live aboard thing, I’ve been rethinking a lot. When I meet my weight goal, I want to have just sundresses and sweaters. I have a co-teacher who does that, and it always looks really nice.

      • That would be so comfortable. I am not much of a dress person, just not comfortable in them but I see the advantages.

        My wardrobe got out of hand when a neighbor sent down a bag of clothes she didn’t want any more. Ones that fit me I held on to, but I’ve also held on to clothes that are falling apart at the seams. The top I wore yesterday while working has huge holes in it. So it’s time to sort them out and be realistic about which pieces I will wear.

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