Myths About Organic Food

As part of our resolution to eat less poison, we have switched to organic foods. My research on this has shown me that a lot of common beliefs about organic food are just wrong.

Here are a few of them:

1. Organic food is grown in poop. This is definitely false! According to The Organic Cook’s Bible, organic produce is grown in compost, which is a lot different from straight-up manure.

2. Organic food is prohibitively expensive. I think I have proven this to be untrue. Here is my grocery budget, with all organic food, for less that $100 a week for a family of three. Conventionally produced foods, especially those containing corn and soy, are heavily subsidized, so their prices are artificially low. So, yes, you will pay more for organic, but it is manageable.

3. Organic farming can not feed the world. No, unsustainable farming practices can not feed the world forever. Conventionally farming destroys the soil and pollutes the water. A recent study done by Iowa State University shows that conventional and organic farms produce similar yields. For more information, click here.

4. Conventionally produced food is just as healthy as organic. This is not true. Organic beef and eggs contain more beneficial omega-3’s. Studies have found that organic produce contains more antioxidants.

5. Pesticides are not a problem anymore. Yes, they are! Pesticides have been tied to cognitive impairments and other health problems in children. Click on the link in #3 for more information.

And the most common myth–organic food tastes the same as conventionally grown. I’ll let you be the judge of that: try some raw milk cheese, organic chicken, or sustainably grown lettuce and decide for yourself!

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