Movie Day!

2-3 times a year, Beanie’s private therapy clinic hosts a “modified viewing” of a children’s movie at the local movie theater. The show starts before the cinema actually opens, so it’s just therapy kids there. You prepay and order a “snack pack,” which is a tray with popcorn, candy, and a drink, and is ready for you when you arrive. They play the movie with no previews, the lights are on but dimmed, and the sound is lower than usual. And–the best part–is that it’s all kids with special needs there. So there is some talking, especially after everyone has finished their popcorn. Kids are welcome to walk around–a lot of them got some PT practice in by going up and down the steps. There were some kids who got upset, but nobody gave them dirty looks. It was a nice low-pressure, fun outing!

The movie was “The Chipmunks–Chipwrecked,” which was…well…it was what it was… It was more the experience of “going to the movies” that was important to the Bean. She perched in her seat, like a little lady, eating her popcorn and drinking her tea. Occasionally she would cheer for the chipmunks, which she thought were hilarious. After she finished her food, we walked up to the front, to see the BIG chipmunks up close, then walked back to sit down, a few times. All in all, it was fun experience. Afterwards, Beanie kept raising her fist in a air and yelling, “Chipmunks!”

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