Moonraker in the Fall

We were planning on pulling the boat out in early September, but the excellent sailing last weekend led us to change our minds. In the fall, there is wind nearly every day. Most of the live aboards are still at the marina, since they live and work in the area. It’s too far for us to live there during the week right now, but we are enjoying the weekends. The social life is just like summer (only without the swimming!). And the sailing is phenomenal. I don’t think we will use up the 10 gallons of gas that we bought in Tawas.

Here are some pictures from this weekend:

Good morning, A dock!

My favorite part of the day.

Look at that wind!

We borrowed a slip at F dock for the day, next to my parents' boat. We were right on the river. This was our view.

Our friend, the heater.

Feeling fancy at F dock!

We had flowers on the boat in Alpena, and I thought more were in order!

For dinner: Dad's smoked ribs! I even got a barbecue lesson.

Time for some serious sailing. Definitely not a day to use the genoa!

We rigged up the spinnaker pole to use as a whisker pole for wing-and-wing. This made it much easier! (We have to take the mast down this winter to set up the rigging for the spinnaker).

Whisker pole.

So I’m looking forward to much more fall sailing. We haven’t scheduled a pull-out date yet, but we’ve heard that they are booked through October. We will have to bundle up when we winterize the boat!

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