Miss Minimalist (and Welcome Aboard)

First, I have to share with you my happy news that my writing is being featured on Miss Minimalist, one of my favorite blogs. Check it out here!

And while you’re there, read up on some of Francine’s ideas for simple living. She has traveled the world, living out of a duffle bag, and now she has arrived at a new port in her jourmey: parenthood. I’m enjoying watching how she reconciles the two: minimalism and parenting. (Remember, I was a parent before becoming a minimalist and buying Moonraker, so my journey has been a little different). Anyway, check it out. She’s an awesome lady with some great ideas.

If you found your way here from Francine’s blog–welcome! Feel free to have a look around. Here are some links to get you started.

If you’re curious about the boat:
Return to the Dragon’s Fangs.
Our most recent adventure, and a brief history of our challenges and mishaps in Thunder Bay.
Moonraker: the Grand Tour.
A tour of our summer home.
Living AboardA bit about our life on Moonraker.

Some general information about minimalism, and how it works for us:
What is Voluntary Simplicity?What it means to us.
Create Your Own Suburbanalist LifestyleWhy we don’t fit into a mold.
Project: Bring a Bit of Moonraker HomeOur massive decluttering efforts, after last summer’s disaster on the boat.

About our efforts to get off the grid:
Parting with Consumer’s: Next StepsHow we plan to accomplish independence by next year.
Off the Grid Tuesday: We Finally Bought One!Yes, we are able to have a fridge…
Off the Grid Tuesday: The Most Important Plug to PullWhy there is no television in our house.

How we are reducing waste.
Rethinking GiftsHow to make generosity less waste-producing.
Zero Waste Wednesday: A Zero Waste CarHow to cut down on garbage in the car.
Zero Waste Wednesday: Looking at the Top OffendersI dug through my garbage, in an effort to reduce it.

Here are some posts on minimalism and parenting.
The Top 10 Surprises of ParenthoodYes it changed my life, but not on a bad way!
Mommy Wars, Mommy Guilt, and Other Fake Ideas Invented by Our SocietyDon’t let the television tell you that you’re a bad parent.
The Princesses are Coming!Because you can’t raise girls in Ziploc bags.

On special needs parenting…
On Judging Other ParentsWhy nobody should.
Hurray for Head Start! (Beanie Gets a Village)My daughter’s awesome preschool program.
Discipline and Kids With Language DelaysIt’s a bit different.

And, finally, some of my general commentaries on life, the universe, and everything.
The Biggest Worry (and Why it Should be a Non-Issue) Stop worrying about what other people think!
The Importance of the JourneyTo know me, is to know this poem.
On Dreams, Children, Growing Up, and Settling DownWhy you should never grow up!

I hope you’ve enjoyed it here, and please stop in again! I try to update every day, or at least every other day. When we leave port again, near the end of the month, I will be writing everyday.

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