We have just finished a fun week in Ludington. We didn’t have as many adventures as we did in Manistee, but I do have some stories to tell…

Three Nights at the Mooring
We were invited to use a mooring by the yacht club, next to the other I29 that we cruised with (and rescued!) on the run from Manistee. After our first night there, we decided to row ashore and take a trip into town. We loaded our foldable bikes onto the dinghy and tied up next to a cute little clearing on a point. It was quite the ride into town, but we went to the beach and climbed the lighthouse.

When we returned, we saw a bag in our cockpit. In it was a note, thanking us for the tow, and a gift certificate for the Jamesport Brewing Company.. Seeing that we had arrived, then men from the other Islander rowed over, and we visited for awhile. They promised to e-mail us some pictures, and they weren’t surprised to learn that I had already posted pictures of their boat!

After a calm night, we decided it was time to spend a day doing nothing. So we all played, read, and relaxed on board. It was a very welcome, quiet day. At least until the 12 volt system overloaded, and we couldn’t run any electronics (including the fridge).

Then, that night, the storm hit. We were moored, so we weren’t worried about dragging anchor. However, the lightening was very close this time, and that kept us awake. Also, the hail was a bit noisy.

We had been planning on renting a slip for four hours the next day, so we could shower and enjoy some dinner, With the 12-volt failure, then the storm, we were ready to spend the entire day–and night–enjoying a bit of civilization. So we headed to the municipal dock.

Statues in the Park
There was a huge playground next to the marina, but Beanie’s favorite part were the “follow the leader” statues. Here, she joins the sculpture!

Municipal Dock
We definitely enjoyed our stay in Ludington. The people there were extremely friendly, and you couldn’t do anything (walk to the shower, do the laundry, etc.) without meeting someone new! Here are is a picture of Moonraker at the dock.

Therapy and a Toothache
On Wednesday, my parents picked us up for our last stopover into Midland. I took Beanie to PT while Rob went to work, to pick up more cameras to repair. When I picked him up, he was holding his face and in horrible pain.

The next morning, my parents watched Beanie while I dropped him off at the dentist and headed in to work, to meet with my new principal and get moved into my new classroom in the high school. When I picked Rob up, he had a prescription for pain meds, an antibiotic, and orders to get his wisdom tooth pulled.

We called the very oral surgeon in the area, but couldn’t get in until September 10. Then, we noticed that one dentist had an office in St. Johns as well. We got an appointment there for the 16 of August. We’ll most likely be in Grand Haven at that time, so we’ll rent a car for a day to make the trip there and back (it isn’t all that far).

A New Destination
Since the summer is winding down, we decided to look up storage rates in Muskegon. They were a bit more than we wanted to pay, so I researched Grand Haven. Rates were much more reasonable there, so that will probably be our final destination. We’re still waiting to hear back from the marina, to work out the specifics.

We have also changed our plans for next year. It turns out that there is at least one fixed bridge of the Mississippi, so Great Looping is not really an option. We still want to go to the end of the Michigan side, and then we’ll decide what to do next! We won’t finish the Michigan side this summer, because we’ve been choosing to spend longer in port than we had been. And we have no regrets about that–better for the journey to take years….

Motoring to Pentwater
Lake Michigan has a rhythm. Every week or so, there is a windy day, then possibly a storm, then a good North wind. The storm hit Thursday night, but there was still supposed to be a North wind today.

We left at 11:00 and the wind was from the South. When we made it to the big Lake, there was no wind at all. Good thing we only had two hours until we would stop in Pentwater!

As we were sweating and listening to the rumble of the atomic four, I pointed out that this would have been a good day on Lake Huron. All of this calm wind has spoiled us!

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