Look, No Ads!

I’ve reached a new stage in my blogging. Now I’m paying a nominal fee per year, so that I can use this service.

I’m paying, so you don’t have to.

I despise consumerism. I despise corporations, political parties, and the like. So it doesn’t make sense that I should have advertisements from such places paying for me to have the privilege of sharing my ideas with you.

However, Blog.com has been very good to me, very helpful, and I appreciate being able to use their service. So I’m throwing a bit of cash their way, rather than having the advertisers (and the unfortunate people who are persuaded by their ads) pay for me to do this.

If you have a non-corporate business venture (such as an Etsy store, or an e-book) that you would like to share with the world, please send me an e-mail (brosselit@gmail.com please). I will give you some space for free. I am not under any disillusion that I will become wealthy through blogging…In fact, being “big” is not on my agenda in any way, shape or form.

Otherwise, please enjoy! You will not be bombarded with corporate logos, or stupid political nonsense. I’m here to inspire you to challenge the “normal” of this country, of our culture. And we ultimately vote with our dollars. Mine are going against the corporations.

Please enjoy the blank space.

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