Like a Dream…

As much as I’ve obsessed over Moonraker and sailing, the truth is that I have actually adapted to life on land.

I struggled with multi-tasking and keeping up, but I’ve now found the rhythm.

Sure, I might not be FLY-ing at home, but we’re keeping a somewhat tidy, minimalistic house.

And as we’ve thrown ourselves into day-to-day life, last summer has grown further and further away. It seems like a dream, really, or something that happened years ago. Sometimes, I wonder if it actually did happen.

I’m struggling to keep up with paperwork and dealing with politics at work. I’m working hard to potty-train my daughter (with very, very slow progress). Did I really pilot us back safely, through the fog, while we were sinking in Thunder Bay? Did we really spend 13 hours motoring through 10 foot swells, without even worrying? And that euphoric weekend in Tawas, followed by the most awesome sail ever, in rather rough water…It seems like something from a movie, or a book I read. And so far away.

Maybe that’s why we’re procrastinated on the boat repairs. But, this weekend, we brought our camper and decided to stay and get some serious work done. Work we did, but we also had some time to play.

And Sunday morning, with my first sunrise walk of the season, it all came back. Everything was as it was, as if we had never left.

It’s going to be a great summer.

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