Letting Go of Stylish Stress, Step 3: Get Up Early

On Moonraker, I always woke up at 6:00, with the sun shining bright. I then set out to find the nearest ATM, to get our money for the day, and, the second time we stayed in Tawas (when we forgot to bring our French press), to find some morning coffee. This was a lovely, quiet walk, and I enjoyed the time to wake up slowly, to take it all in, before getting started with my day.

Fast forward to last month. This was my morning routine:

5:30 Alarm goes off. Turn it off.
6:00 Second alarm I set goes off. Start coffee, then go back to sleep.
6:30 Third alarm goes off. Snooze.
7:00 Stop snoozing, in a panic. Throw clothes on and get car warming off.
7:10 Hurriedly brush hair, fill travel mug, maybe put some dishes away.
7:20 Get in the car, 5 minutes late. Set speed record.
7:45 Rush in door, just in time.

It was functional, and I did get to work on time. However, I do things differently now.

Let me introduce my third step toward letting go of stress: getting up early.

Now I set my alarm for 5:30 (or earlier, on some occasions), even on weekends! What does this new habit gain me?

1. I can start out the day quietly, with some spiritual renewal.

2. I can have some time to myself, to catch up with friends online, read blogs, write, etc. I allow myself 15 minutes each morning, to do whatever I want.

3. After having plenty of time to get ready, I enjoy some coffee (and breakfast!) with my husband.

4. I leave early enough that I don’t have to rush. Running late is incredibly stressful! Then I get to work early enough that I have some time to get ready, before my students arrive.

On weekends, I have the whole day ahead of me, after having some quiet time to myself!

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