Letting Go of Stylish Stress, Step 2: Organize What’s Left

We’ve talked about the reasons for letting go of stress, and ways to declutter the things and commitments that we do have. Now it’s time to get organized.

The nice thing is, if you declutter enough, organizing is not necessary. If you have 5 outfits, you don’t need to organize your closet. If you have one obligation per week, you don’t need a calendar.

For those areas where you still have more to deal with, organization can be a life-saver. We used to spend a LOT of time looking for papers. Here are some areas in which organizing has been a lifesaver for us:

1. I own a binder full of file folders for Beanie’s school and therapy papers.

2. We have an accordian file for titles, registrations, and insurance paperwork.

3. My recipes, our budget, our menus, and our home routines make it into our Home Management Binder.

4. Anything recurring get set up in advance and put into folders. For example, I modify spelling papers every week for my students. I set up a trimester’s worth and filed them, so I can just grab what I need each day. (Of course, I work on setting up papers for next trimester, so I don’t fall behind! But it’s less time).

5. I put bills on autopay. That way I don’t have to worry about them.

Organizing should not take as long as decluttering. If you declutter thoroughly, you will have very little to organize!

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