Letting Go of Stress, The Final Step: Be Prepared for Crazy Times!

So far, we’ve worked toward reducing day-to-day stress. Hopefully you have found my tips to be helpful!

While I was writing those posts, things got crazy at work. I found myself wandering into the lounge, searching for chocolate. I found myself hitting the snooze button in the morning. I found myself falling behind on the tasks at home.

So, today, as our last part in this series, we’re going to talk about those situations that are the exception. Because even if you live a calm, zen-filled, daily life, you will still encounter stressful situations. Here are some tips for weathering those storms:

1. Force yourself to keep up with your good nutrition, getting time to yourself, and other good habits.

2. Just do the basics of your routine at home. Do the daily routine, but don’t worry about the once-a-week tasks or in-depth cleaning.

3. Work toward solving the problem that is bothering you, if you can. Otherwise, find some good, fun diversions. Watch a movie. Read a good book.

4. Remember that this, too shall pass.

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