Letting Go of Stress, Step 5: Bring on the Routine!

We’re been working on Letting Go of Stress. So far, we’ve decluttered, organized, started having some quiet time first thing in the morning, and silenced those perfectionist voices. Now it’s time to set up some routines.

I use Fly Lady’s ideas. For all of my experiences following Fly Lady, click here. I started out by establishing my daily routines. Then, I added in tasks for each day. Next, I will add some in-depth cleaning tasks everyday. This keeps the house running well, and being on top of things definitely reduces stress. I’ve applied the same ideas to my week at work.

It’s very important to delegate some of these tasks, so you aren’t spending all of your time working. I let my husband do the vacuuming and laundry, for example. At work, I used to volunteer to do everything, then not get it done, because it was too much. Now, I make sure to delegate quite a bit, and I’ve even had students volunteer to help out with the smaller parts of the daily routine.

Also, make sure to build some fun into your schedule. It’s important to spend time with your family, and with your significant other. We enjoy family activities on Saturday, and we’re working on getting date night up and running again.

So, get started with that routine. Today’s the day you put it all together!

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