Let’s Have a Boring Day Tomorrow!

“May you live in interesting times.”
Ancient Chinese Curse

Well, I thought maybe I would post about something ordinary today–maybe a recipe or playtime ideas. But, no, unfortunately today was also an interesting day.

This morning I headed off to work. We’re staying in Midland for the weekend, so we can get started on Moonraker’s repairs tomorrow. We canceled Beanie’s therapy, due to her sore, so Rob and the Bean had the day to themselves.

I teach one class in my room, and it was in the middle of that hour that I noticed the voice mail light flashing on my phone. I prefer that all non-emergency calls go to voice mail, so that my class is not interrupted. Knowing Beanie’s situation, I checked the message while my students worked.

The Bean had diarrhea. That was normal, with antibiotics. But this time it was soaking through her diapers. And it was red. We thought it might be from the Kool Aid she had the night before (I know, but the kid has got to be able to enjoy something right now!). I told Rob to keep me posted, and hung up.

Then–call it mother’s intuition again, perhaps–I called the Bean’s doctor. The nurse said she would talk to the doctor and call me back.

I asked the office to send any calls to my room, if they are from Rob or the doctor. Then, as it was time for my next class, I told my teaching partner for that hour that I might have to leave.

Once again, I was expecting the nurse to call back and reassure. Maybe diarrhea like this is normal with antibiotics, even.


We have informed the pharmacist that Beanie is allergic not only to Penicillin but also to this other antibiotic. Good thing she doesn’t get sick very often!

So now we’re trying Sulfatrim. It’s pretty scary, but it does treat MRSA (which she may or may not have; we don’t know because the ER never took a culture). We were supposed to call the doctor’s office if the diarrhea came back, but they were closed when it did. It wasn’t as bad, and it wasn’t red anymore, so I think we’re fine if we keep her hydrated. This is more typical of what we see when we give her antibiotics. We’ll call the doctor’s pager if there are any changes or if she gets worse.

Beanie, of course, is happily playing, singing to herself. I’d take a picture, but she has chosen to lounge around in her diaper today.

I’m ready for a normal, boring day tomorrow. No yucky diapers, no crazy facial bumps, and no more problems with antibiotics. Just a sunny day to work on my favorite 29-foot fiberglass diversion.

Here’s hoping!

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