Lessons Learned

We have now spent 51 days living on Moonraker.

During that time, we have definitely learned some lessons, that have made our lives easier this summer, and that will make things better next summer. Here is a summary:

1. When leaving from Bay City, bring enough groceries to make it to Charlevoix. Until then, all food is grossly overpriced, or simply unavailable.

2. Get a solar shower.

3. If you buy chicken, eat it that night. It goes bad faster than anything else, and it produces a horrible aroma…

4. Don’t anchor out in Thunder Bay. Just don’t.

5. Two batteries are better than one. Sometimes, it’s even possible to run the fridge at night, with that system.

6. Don’t pump the gas out of the boat at the end of the season (that’s what killed our fuel pump).

7. Put all meat in the freezer compartment, and it won’t go bad overnight (unless it’s chicken), when the fridge is turned off.

8. Boiled lake water is often better tasting than shore water. (We plan on getting a water filtration system next year).

9. Conserve that propane!

10. Wear sunscreen on overcast days. (You didn’t see the blisters that were on my back…)

Today we’re heading back to the boat, and tomorrow I will share our adventures in Leland!

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