Just Say “No” to Multitasking

This is another lesson from Moonraker.

When we were living on board, and especially when we were cruising, I was able to live mindfully, in the moment. Yes, I thought and dreamed about the future. But I was able to focus only on the task at hand, whether it was holding a course, preparing dinner, or writing my blog. When I talked to Rob, I focused on what he was saying. My time with Beanie was just that, my time completely with Beanie.

Going back to work was an adjustment.

I focused on planning lessons, and my IEP’s fell behind. Then I got e-mails about my caseload, my accommodations, etc. There was so much that needed my attention.

I understand that re-entry will always be hard. And that it will be harder next year, when we live aboard and cruise all summer, than it was this year. We will get funny looks when we try to strike up conversations with strangers. We will no longer be among people who share a common passsion.

However, my brain worked so much better when I was able to be mindful. I know I will have more work during the school year. But, perhaps, I can organize it so that I only need to focus on one thing at a time.

People wear their stress as a badge, and brag about how busy they are. No one ever said teaching special education was not stressful, and it is definitely busy. However, I want to move beyond that, to do my job–better than I ever have–and manage my home without burning myself out. I want to use the full resources of my mind.

So, stay tuned! I am going to investigate ways to do just that.

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