Is Simplicity Simpler? A Test.

I have to confess that, at times, I question our reasons for choosing voluntary simplicity. Our intention was to make life less stressful, and to allow ourselves time to pursue other interests, rather than just managing and acquiring stuff. But is that still our aim? Or are we just trying to define ourselves, as eccentrics, and, in the process, are making life more difficult?

Since we’ve been in this port, we’ve found our answer.

We’ve been staying in a rather well-stocked house. Rather than two pans hanging up on the wall, there is an entire cupboard devoted just to pans! There is a dishwasher, a microwave, a television, and a whole closet just for towels.

At first, we went crazy. We piled up dishes like there was no tomorrow, then ran them through the machine. Beanie played on the living room floor, with her cartoons constantly running in the background. We each used our own towel when we showered. We drank soda–in cans!

By day three, though, we had a pile of three towels in our room, being reused. Beanie turned off the television and went outside, where she spent the rest of the day. I noticed that we were only using two pans, including the cast iron skillet that we planted here a couple years ago. I found a clear pitcher and started the sun tea. I started hand washing our three plates right away after each meal. We’re down to using one cup each, per day.

None of this was conscious. And since we’ve started only using what we need, rather than excess, we’ve spent much less time on household tasks. And that is a good thing, because we still have so much to do on the boat!

So we’ve passed the test. Simplicity is making our lives…simpler.

2 thoughts on “Is Simplicity Simpler? A Test.

  1. What I love about this blog is you are writing from real experience – this is not fantasy-pie-in-the-sky stuff – this is writing from the heart – the best kind.

    Your experience totally ties in with my own. I haven’t owned a TV in years. The dishwasher hasn’t been switched on in 5 years. I have no toaster. No microwave. I don’t even own my own computer – I use one provided by work. Life is a lot easier these days. It seems people have come to believe that all these extras are “necessities” – they aren’t, they are hindrances that impact not only on your financial freedom, but on the quality of your everday life. It’s good your blog is getting that message across!

    • Yes, I think a lot of people think minimalism is about making sacrifices–giving things up and doing without as an end in itself. They don’t realize that all the clutter is making their lives more complicated!

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