“I Want a Rock!”

Beanie did a great job, last spring, of handing us her PECS picture and requesting the item on it. She did such a great job, that her school speech therapist decided to give her two choices. One choice should be the desirable item, and the other should be something she does not want. Rob had taken her to the session, and he was hard-pressed to come up with an item she would not want. He finally decided that a rock would prove to have minimal entertainment value for a preschooler.

He was wrong.

Though he had picked out what he had decided to be the most uninteresting rock in the immediate area, it became an instant hit with Ms. Bean. Upon arriving home we tried the rock vs a cup of green tea. Beanie looked at the PECS and then handed the picture of the rock to Rob, declaring “I want a rock!” The rock also has from time to time won out over Funky Monkey (dried pineapple), peanuts, Fruitabu, and other favorites. Upon receiving the desired rock, she wanders about the room setting it on various surfaces then making it hop around while singing. The rock did not accompany us on Moonraker; we had completely forgotten about it.

Suddenly after 2 weeks of preschool Bean produces her beloved rock out of seemingly nowhere and declares victoriously “I got a rock!” Now it is again making appearances throughout our day. The same ugly little rock. Her other speech therapist commented “You know it really doesn’t surprise me, I can’t think of anything that she wouldn’t think is fun in some way” Such is the life of Bean.

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