How Dueling has Saved Our Marriage

This all started when I was helping Rob’s boss move the camera store (for which Rob does repairs) into their new building. I was carrying something walking out back, to fetch something ridiculously heavy from the trailer, when I passed a man about my age. His eyes lit up immediately upon seeing me, and he said, “Hi! You probably don’t remember me. We were in fencing class together!”

Yes, fencing class. When I was in ninth grade, I could wield a foil. Maybe not with the best of them. But that didn’t matter. Fencing is cool enough, even if you’re not exactly good at it.

This encounter led to many discussions with Rob. About how it didn’t matter that I wasn’t a sword master. We saw a foil being sold in a pawn shop. “You know what the best part was?” I told him. “Even if you lose the bout, you still get to pretend to kill someone!”

Funny conversations, we pacifists have when we’re alone together…

We talked and talked, with fencing always being the topic. “What if we bought fencing gear?” he asked. “We would definitely need gloves…So we could challenge each other to a duel instead of fighting!”

What a novel idea.

We decided that sword fighting would resolve the largest issue in any fight–it would choose the winner of the argument! Arguments are almost always over stupid, irrelevant issues, so letting out our aggression toward each other in a surprisingly safe manner.

So we’ll get fencing gear for each other for our anniversary gift, and maybe we’ll have a bout on the dock…which will be great until the harbormaster asks us to stop! In the meantime, we’re finding 2-player games to use for dueling….Mancala, Chess, and even Pokemon.


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