Home and Family Boot Camp: The Bean’s New Schedule

As well-intended as it started out, my Home and Family Boot Camp was put on hold due to illness. Unfortunately, that only prolonged the disruption in routine that was caused by the holidays.

We all notice disruptions, and we all crave rhythm to a certain degree. I had slept in until 11:00 when I was sick, and I was automatically sleeping in that late everyday. That meant that Beanie did not wake up at her usual 9:00. We were then scrambling to get things done, and the day went by too fast, usually with Beanie not getting enough attention, which led to behaviors and tantrums. She was not tired at her bedtime, and we wondered where the day went.

So today, I’m writing this at 8:00 in the morning. We’re getting back on track.

I met with the Bean’s therapists before break and got some suggestions for updating her home program. This is the new schedule I have come up with:

Between 8:30-9:00 She wakes up on her own. We sing the morning song and she eats breakfast.

9:00 (or after breakfast) She gets dressed. We do brushes, joint compressions, and swing her for 20 minutes.

10:00 She jumps on her trampoline (yes, she got a trampoline for Christmas!).

11:00 She goes to school. On weekends and break, we will give her lots of free time, run errands, and do in-kind activities with her.

4:00 She gets home. We brush her, do joint compressions, and swing her.

4:20 Nap time.

5:00 Dinner.

5:30 Speech activity (15-20 minutes).

6:00 PT activity (15-20 minutes)

7:00 Fine motor activity (15-20 minutes)

8:15 Bath

8:45 Stories

9:00 Bedtime

During the breaks between activities, and during the time she would normally be at school, we will be working on the house. Today, we plan to get the basement clean. The basement project was put on hold due to lack on funding,but luckily it’s been a mild December. We can still get cracking on it and enjoy it during the coldest time of the year. Today we’ll get the house sufficiently clean and drop off some loads at Goodwill. We will also continue our search for a mattress for the Bean–since she has a trampoline now, she will no longer need to have her crib mattress on the floor for jumping. We found her a nice twin bed headboard and frame, but it needs a mattress.

As far as attending to my own mental decluttering, I am going to get back to spending 15-30 minutes online in the morning, and the same in the evening. That way, I am able to write, to catch up with everyone, and to visit my favorite blogs. At the same time, I am not living in front of the computer screen, which can sometimes happen.

Finally, in order to spend more time with my husband, which was my other goal, getting up earlier will allow us to have our morning coffee together, in addition to our time together in the evening.

So, let’s start this new year early!

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