Harrisville Engine Test

We were pretty sure we’d fixed the engine, and today was a 6 hour test of it. We motored to Harrisville, directly NNE or Tawas, with NNE winds all the way. It was beautiful, but cold.

Tawas light, on Tawas point

A nice quilt to help me at the helm…

There was Harrisville, tormenting us for 4 hours.

For the first three hours, it seemed that the engine was passing the test. Then…the usual. Unfortunately, the wind was working against us, so we couldn’t sail (without tacking for hours). We drifted while Rob did some quick fix repairs, which got us into port, with a few stalls.

Beanie kept busy with her Legos.

For awhile, things warmed up (right after the first stall).

The entrance to Harrisville Harbor

Once we got there, it was warm and sunny (relatively speaking). Once we enjoyed our hot showers, we were ready to spend some time outside. There were actually more people here than in Tawas (three couples on sailboats from Bay City and two families on a gigantic power boat). We enjoyed talking to everyone, and the harbor master and dockhands were very friendly and enthusiastic. Beanie enjoyed the fish (from Lake Huron) in the aquarium in the day room, as well as the harbor master’s dog (who roamed freely, during business hours). We’ll enjoy coming back here in three weeks.

We docked with the rest of the flock…

The side locker, aka Beanie’s new fort. We’ll have to fix it up for her.

So, all in all, it was a wonderful day! Rob got the fuel system fixed once we got into port (he eliminated quite a bit of line, which was going all over the place). Tomorrow, we’ll finish this leg of the journey and sail to the Devil’s River in Thunder Bay, where we’ll stay until June 22.

2 thoughts on “Harrisville Engine Test

  1. So cool that you guys travel so extensively over your summer free time! Love watching your tales as you go.

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