Getting the Notebook Started

So now I’m on day 7 of Fly Lady. I need to put some paper in a binder and write down my routine. My routine was written in my everything notebook, so it was just a matter of tearing it out and transferring it.

I started a Home Management Guide from this site. I love Heather’s ideas, but I wrote down Fly Lady’s routine in my “housework” section. Also, I removed the “Beanie” section, since I have a separate binder for all of her papers. And I would recommend the same, if you have a child who has an IEP! I’ll write about that later.

Other than that, we went through the closet in the spare bedroom. Tomorrow, we go to Alpena, but, unfortunately, I know the news already. We’ll pick up the potty chair and some other stuff.

MOONRAKER UPDATE: Not good. It is taking longer than expected for the keel housing to drain, so they can not start the fiberglass repair. At least they are being careful! They will call me when they start the repair, and then it will be 4-6 days. The harbor master estimates that it will be done on the 27th. Of course I go back to work that Monday. We can make Bay City in a weekend, but we’ve lost Lake Michigan for this year. I don’t like to fail. But I do realize that we’re all on the right side of Thunder Bay (above the water!) and that is somewhat of an accomplishment. Yay, for Rob’s navigating in the fog! And Moonraker is not totaled, which was my fear. So there’s next year. I just wish I were more patient…

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