Getting Dressed to Lace-Up Shoes

What a weird task for the second day, on Fly Lady! After more reading, I realized that this is something I do, except for doing my face, hair, and, well, the shoes. During the school year, I’m confined to heels, which are feminine and flattering, but not as good as barefoot. In the summer, at marinas, I never wear shoes. They scuff the deck! The only time I put them on is when I go into town and enter a store. I go barefoot into stores in the marinas, and nobody ever says anything. At home, only to the store. I drove the motor home barefoot!

So, I’m used to working in my happy, naked, boater feet. And I wear dresses most days. My summer wardrobe consists of 3 sundresses and one shirt and capri outfit. I do laundry every 3 days. So I’m good with clothing. What about hair? I got rid of my rollers, because it bothered me to use energy just to make my hair pretty. I noticed, at the boat, that my hair had a nice wave in the evening on hot days, when I wore it in pigtail buns all day. So I put it in 4 piggy buns last night. It was a bit frizzy; I think I’ll try 2 buns tonight, or braids. But it works. I wore make-up on the boat, religiously. It was just a matter of bringing that habit home.

So this was an easy one! I’ve looked ahead, and the next few days involve reinforcing what I’ve begun already. I think I’m doing pretty well, and the beauty thing was not a major change to my routine. So I’ll write down my routine in my “everything notebook” and move on. My routine so far:

1. Wake up with the sun, do prayers.

2. Read Fly Lady’s news.

3. Start coffee.

4. Pretty up! (Hair is set the night before, after hair is mostly dried from shower).

5. Wake up Rob when coffee is ready.

6. Wake up Beanie at regular time.

7. Wipe sinks after each use.

Night time:

1. Go through house and pick up anything that is out of place.

2. Shower.

3. Brush teeth.

4. Set hair when it is almost dry, but damp.

5. Wipe sinks with Windex.

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