Fun in Fishtown

Well, we are back from our kayaking trip, and we finally have arrived back on Moonraker.

Coming to Grand Traverse during the Cherry Festival was a little disappointing. We found a much less friendly crowd at the marinas. People weren’t rude, but they weren’t as friendly as we were used to. Generally, they were harried and kept to themselves.

While we were kayaking, the Cherry Festival ended, and the atmosphere in the marina has noticeably changed. Once again, it takes us a very long time to make it to the end of the dock and back! We had some delightful neighbors on a large trawler, and we enjoyed talking to them.

We didn’t make it into Leland until the shops closed, which was fine by us. Here are some pictures from yesterday.

There are southerly winds forecast for today, so we are going to sail to South Manitou Island. We will probably be out of cell range there. There are thunderstorms that might hit tomorrow, so we might stay on Manitou an extra day. After that, we will head to Frankfort.

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