Frugal Meal Planning Ideas

We want to eat organically. And cheaply. We want to plan our meals to fit our budget. Yet, we want to have plenty of easy foods to make in a pinch
In order to do that, we’ve found some standard ideas that really work:

–Make an every-two-weeks meal plan. Shop shortly after payday, and get everything you need. You don’t need to stick to the menus absolutely, but they will give you a starting point.

–Include a rice dish at least once a week. It’s cheap, it goes well with sauce, and it’s healthy.

–Have meat only 2-3 times a week. Otherwise, beans, eggs, and cheese are fine.

–Make your own pasta. Yummy, whole-grain goodness!

–When you eat meat, make broth with the bones. It’s free, and it’s yummy!

–Have an omelet or frittata at least once a week. It’s vegetarian and yummy!

Remember that simpler is better. Enjoy the foods you have this week!

One thought on “Frugal Meal Planning Ideas

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