Foldable Bike!

This summer, I want Moonraker’s deck to be much less cluttered. Last year, we had a moped strapped on one of the side decks, which caused the boat to list to that side. It was useful to have guaranteed transportation in every port, but this year we’re going for something more compact.

We found that the best deals on foldable bikes were on Amazon, so we decided to give this one a try:

It’s called a Stowabike, which is perfect, because we’ll stow it in the side locker! Removing the handlebars requires a special tool; we want to modify it so it does not. It’s much better looking than a lot of the folding bikes, except for the knobby tires. We’ll get some street tires for it instead (seriously, how much mountain biking are we going to do in a port town?). The luggage rack in infinitely useful. I think the bike rides comfortably, but Rob thinks it would not be so comfy for him to ride.

So, for Rob, we’re going to try out a different brand. We wear the Bean in her Ergo carrier (yes, she still fits into it quite comfortably!) with a helmet on her head. Our choice to do this is somewhat controversial, but we prefer it over a child seat. With a child seat, the bike becomes less stable, but that’s not the case with the Ergo. Also, if the bike were to tip over (which has never happened to either of us as adults, riding on the streets) and the rider was able to catch themself and keep from falling, a child seat would still fall over. Obviously, a Burley trailer is much safer, but not space-efficient.

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