Fly Lady Friday: Preparing for the Craziness

Every summer, I get into a routine with the house. This year I did better than before, but it was kind of the same. Then, I lose ground during the fall. Then, during the holidays, it all falls apart until the next summer.

I lost ground this fall. And I have come up with some rules for myself, for those crazy times, when the routine falls apart:

1. If you are not home for a day, don’t try to make it up or do it in advance. This will overwhelm you. That task just doesn’t happen this week. It will happen next week.

2. If you can’t stick to anything else, stick to the daily routines.

3. After the daily routines are going well, add the weekly tasks.

4. Only if those two things are in place, add the “zones.”

5. If it all falls apart, don’t try to make up what you missed. Just get back into the daily routines, and add from there. Focus on the future, not the past.

6. When working outside of the home, the morning routine is too long. I switch as much of it as possible to the evening routine, which is done after dinner. Just the Internet components are done in the morning.

So that is my plan. I will keep you posted!

One thought on “Fly Lady Friday: Preparing for the Craziness

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