Fly Lady Friday: Decluttering–We’re Done!

Decluttering was our focus this week. This has been an ongoing battle in our house. One of my tasks was to spend some time–up to an hour a day–decluttering. I had already gone through every room twice, with lots of trips to Goodwill. So, by the end, this became difficult. I read some websites on the “100 Possession Challenge” (try here, here, or here ) and was inspired to try some of their ideas. If I followed the usual rules–shared possessions don’t count, collections count as one, etc, I would probably have about 5 possessions. Beanie, hoarder that she is, may have up to 10.

However, I was curious, if we counted logical sets as one, but counted everything else separately, where we would be. We were at 480, counting only items in the house. 300 would be 100 per person, so of course I went a little nuts trying to get there!

Nuts is the key word, folks. I put a lot of the stuff back. If we use it every day, if it helps Beanie with her therapy goals, it is worth keeping. This is voluntary simplicity, not martyrdom. In this country, we’re so overloaded with stuff that we declutter as a hobby. We never expect to be…well…done.

And I’m done.

I might not qualify as an “extreme minimalist.” Our house is different from mainstream culture, that is for sure. But maybe it doesn’t fit into a neat little peg hole. Maybe it’s just us.

And that’s all it needs to be.

So, now, it’s time to move on. I’m done decluttering. I think we’ve been open enough about ourselves and our values, that we won’t get the usual influx of stuff over the holidays. I think we’re good. Now, we need to focus on cleaning up the yard, and finishing the basement for this winter. Getting the cars in order is another task at hand.

Then, we can enjoy weekends on Moonraker. At this time next week, I’ll be enjoying one of those pancake-wrapped Kogels in East Tawas. I’m so ready to be there.

2 thoughts on “Fly Lady Friday: Decluttering–We’re Done!

  1. Your post resonates with me. I have a tendancy to be overly hard on myself and forget that; I choose and it’s up to me. Too much looking out instead of in for the answers I suspect! X

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