Fly Lady Friday: Calendar Time!

I must confess that I am disorganized. I have a great memory, so I have never gotten into the habit of using a calendar. Oh, I have the large desk calendar at work, but I do not have the same in my house. I never forget an IEP meeting at work, but I’ve often missed hair appointments. Apparently, with a full time job and a kid (another full time job, in my opinion), my brain has gotten full. It needs some assistance.

Today’s Fly Lady task involved starting a calendar. I followed her steps for setting up the calendar, but I took it one step further. I have always liked Heather’s calendar system on the Want What You Have blog. Here is how my hybrid of the two works:

1. Following Heather’s advice, I start with a notebook. This is my “everything notebook.” I write my notes from Fly Lady, messages from phone calls, my grocery list–everything! I keep the notebook next to the phone. When I go back to work, I will probably invest another 50 cents and put a notebook in my bag. That way, I will have notes from work as well as from home.

2. Information from the notebook goes into either the Home Control Journal or the calendar. Actually, the calendar is a section in the Home Control Journal! I have lots of scrap paper, so I hand wrote calendars for one year. I will write everything important on these.

3. Lastly, I bought a small dry erase board for my fridge (the one that isn’t plugged in!). I write out a mini-calendar for the week here, so we can focus on what’s ahead.

I am hoping that, with this system, I will remember birthdays, appointments, and other important dates. Face it, as we get older, we need to give our memories a break!

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