Fish in a Jar

The beginning of the school year is crazy. All of a sudden, my household chores are compounded by work-related tasks, such as modifying assignments, grading papers, and writing IEP’s. Rob is at home, entertaining a Bean whose routine has just changed. Evenings are spend catching up with each other, catching up on housework, trying to follow Beanie’s routine, and doing homework assignments with the Bean.

Yesterday, at lunch time, I called Rob to check up on things at the homefront. This is how his morning went…

He was upstairs, cleaning, while the Bean played in the living room with her kitten (who has just come back from my parents’ house, where she spent her summer). Rob heard a loud “thud,” followed by “uh-oh!” He ran down the stairs and saw that the kitchen floor was now covered in blue gravel. Water collected in the low spots on the floor, and dripped through the floor boards, into the basement. The small, plastic aquarium sat, broken, next to the snack bar. Our poor fish flopped helplessly in the middle of it all. The kitty had knocked over the aquarium.

Like a super hero, Rob tried to scoop up the fish. Apparently, this is not so easy to do. He ended up grabbing the fish by the tail and depositing him into a mason jar he had filled with water.

Good and hardy, the fish survived in the untreated, warm water. He’ll stay in his new home, until we buy him a new, heavier, tank this weekend.

While Rob was saving the day, Beanie got back to work on her art project, gluing dried beans to her name. She decided that Elmer’s glue would make an excellent hair styling product and applied it accordingly.

10 minutes later, the bus arrived.

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