Family and Home Boot Camp

Well, here I am.

I have a little over a week off of work and most of our Christmas parties are finished. It’s time for me to focus on my much-neglected family and home.

Each day this week, I’ll do something for my home, my husband, my child/family, and my own mental wellbeing. It’s time to start focusing on the things that often go by the wayside, so that all is ready in time for our summer adventures.

Here are today’s activities:

My home:

We got caught up. There was a LOT of picking up to do, and some filing of new possessions (gifts). This year’s Christmas has been very under control, so far. But staying ahead is important! It’s all tidy today, in anticipation of tomorrow’s task.

My husband:

In our marriage, it’s all about time and communication. When we’re on Moonraker, we spend HOURS sitting next to each other, talking and solving the world’s problems. So we made time for this, during the Bean’s bath and after her bedtime. Early bedtimes (for kids) are great for marriages…

My child/family:

We brought some Christmas into the home. I’ve wanted to get the Bean a nativity set to play with for some time, and they’ve finally come down enough in price! We set up a fiber optic tree next to it, and she had a lot of fun playing. The Bean spent most of the day sleeping, after we got home from therapy (probably due to the number of Christmas parties we’ve been to in the past few days), but she was happy when she woke up, and we had fun playing with her.

For my mental well-being:

Instead of trying to sneak in Internet time, I told Rob that I needed this block of time to myself. Being able to write is freeing, and it makes me a much better wife!

I hope you are finding this season refreshing as well!

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