Fall Sunshine!

After the crazy, hectic week I’ve had, it’s great to be back at the marina.

Many of the seasonal live aboards have hauled out, but our neighbors are still living there full time, and hosting A dock’s camp fire.

My parents met us in the evening, after enjoying some time with their friends, who are still in the water. They brought a Dora color-with-water set, which has kept the Bean busy all weekend.

There wasn’t much wind, but there was a lot of sunshine. We decided to try sailing anyway.

We made some popcorn to enjoy on our adventure.

There were so many sailboats heading out, that we thought they were having a race. But everybody was just playing!

An interesting racing catamaran.

We headed out downwind, wing-and-wing with our whisker pole. However, when we left the channel, the wind suddenly died. We made very slow progress on a broad reach, but eventually we gave up and motored in. Of course, Murphy’s Law was in effect. As soon as we dropped the sails, the wind picked up!

Back at the marina, we saw many unfamiliar boats. Bay City is a popular place on Lake Huron for winter storage, so there were boat from all over, in slips, waiting to be hauled. We were delighted to see another Islander. Of course we had to go talk to the owners! They had already taken note of Moonraker and said that, yes, there are other Islanders on the Lakes. Then they proceeded to name them all! There were, perhaps, 10 in all. We’ve definitely found something special. The couple we met had an I36, from the late 70’s. It looked much more modern than Moonraker (which is a 1967). They thought that the earlier Islanders were more durable.

All in all, it’s great to be back. I’m already looking forward to next summer!

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