Everything Gets its Own Day

We’re trying not to multi-task.

That’s hard with my job. I have to: plan lessons, grade papers, write IEP’s, plan team meetings, bill Medicaid, print out accommodation sheets, and write individual lesson plans. I plan to assign one task to each day of the week. I will do the task during my prep period, unless I have something else scheduled at that time. Then, I will stay after school to complete it.

First, I carry two accordian files with me. The first has all my teaching materials. I team teach, so I do not have the opportunity to return to my room between class periods. Anything I need, goes in this folder. Anything I need to take back, gets put in it. My other file is for papers that need to be graded. These are sorted by class, and they go home with me. I will work grading papers into my daily home routine.

So, this is my weekly routine:

Monday: Work on IEP’s that are due during the month.

Tuesday: Plan any individual student needs, like team meetings or behavior plans.

Wednesday: Do Medicaid billing.

Thursday: Finalize any IEP’s that have been done. Print and distribute accommodation sheets. Update caseload.

Friday: Update individual lesson plans.

I will start this during this week, and hopefully I will get caught up! After that, I will apply the same theory to my household tasks.

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