End of the Pre-Season

Well, this weekend was it.

We had a birthday party Saturday afternoon, so we didn’t make it to the boat until that evening. I immediately got to work washing the upper deck, while Rob installed the new bilge pump. On Sunday, Grandma and Grandpa took the Bean, so we were able to finish washing, fixing the engine, and restoring order to the cabin. Here are some pictures:

Our camper, loaded up with stuff to put on the boat. We were able to bring over half of the things we're going to need for the summer.

Beanie playing with her iPad, in the camper.

Me taking a coffee break, while washing the hull on Sunday.

Beanie gave Mommy a hand...

Remember how the cabin looked last week? It's much more Martha now...

The cockpit is also greatly improved. We did a lot of "purging" of items from the side locker (the space under the seat) and the lazarette (the storage area on the back deck).

Clean, painted, and ready to go!

We can now drink a proper toast to Moonraker, in our new flutes!

Ready or not, here we come!

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