DVD’s (because there actually is a place for them!)

We’ve recently returned from a road trip, which was followed by lots of waiting room sits, which will be followed by another road trip. The iPad kept Beanie busy on these trips, as did her alphabet blocks, dolls, and toy animals (she calls them “ah-nee-molls.”). However, eventually, we got out the portable DVD player. We allow her very little of this passive form of entertainment, but it does have its place. She definitely prefers certain shows–they always have plot lines (rather than being variety-style shows), they usually have great music, and they often have (to my delight!) strong female heroines. Here are some of Beanie’s classics (other than Fiddler):

1. Pingu. This Swiss cartoon features a family of penguins who speak “Pingish,” which is a gibberish language, so that it can be sold in different countries. The stop-action animation is adorable, and the plot line is wholesome. Beanie loves shows without words, because she will take it upon herself to narrate them.

2. Shawn the Sheep. Like Pingu, this is a non-verbal stop-action cartoon. This features sheep on a farm, led by a skinny sheep, Shawn, who is obviously smarter than the rest. Adults, as well as kids, will find this to be hilarious.

3. Kipper. This is a simple, very British cartoon about a dog and his friends. Kipper is very understated, and the subtleties in this series will have Mom and Dad laughing as well.

4. Fraggle Rock. Do you remember this? The plot lines are quite deep, for being a kids’ show, and the music is awesome, and catching. Beanie has long enjoyed this show.

5. Care Bears (the old movies, from the 80’s). The animation is horrible and the plot is filled with the pop psychology of the time. But they do cuddle and love each other. And the villains always become their friends. The music is catchy, and good.

So, when you need a screen to allow you to take a road trip…or a shower…hopefully these suggestions will help you out!

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