Yesterday I wished for a normal, boring day. I got my wish.

Beanie’s had a little bit of diarrhea, but it’s manageable. Her sore no longer hurts, and she’ll even touch it and say “owie.” It’s definitely healing.

It was a beautiful, sunny day, and we’ve only got 41 days until Moonraker’s launch. So we made a trip to Bay City.

We were unprepared, so we couldn’t do a lot. We still need to order paint (it’s MUCH cheaper online) and a tiller handle. We were able to uncover it and take a look at the mold situation. It did a lot better without shrink wrap, which seems to lock in moisture, even with vents. I’ll need to go over some of the walls with bleach, and we’ll need to clean the carpet (next year we plan to get an artificial wood floor).

We started cleaning out the bilge, and Rob did some work on the engine.

Otherwise, we drank a toast, ate some Camembert, and walked around socializing.

What else would you do at a marina?

2 thoughts on “Diversion

    • There were quite a few A and B dockers there. And the Huntress was already in the water. (Perhaps we should have commandeered it…) LOL

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