Decluttering and Christmas Preparations

Well, I am back at home! Today I am on day 8 for Fly Lady, and I need to begin decluttering. Of course, I have already started this! Today I’m going through the basement a second time, then I am supposed to spend an hour a day decluttering. I will do this everyday, until I run out of things to get rid of.

Decluttering always bothers me, to a degree, because it’s something that everyone in the country seems to be needing to do. The world is filled with people who don’t have shoes, adequate food, or access to clean water. And yet, here in the wealthiest country in the world, we have to throw stuff away for our own mental health. It makes me wish it were more acceptable to give charitable donations as Christmas gifts.

Speaking of Christmas, with fall approaching, I am starting to work on holiday preparations. The holidays are extremely stressful for us, and each year I come closer to making them relaxing and enjoyable. This year, I want to have everything ready in advance. It’s difficult, because we’re not sure what Rob’s family will be doing, since his mother died last spring. But, still, there are things we can do. So far, I am:

–Gathering handkerchiefs and other cloth for wrapping paper.

–Listing all the people we are buying for.

–Planning for more home made and activity gifts, especially for our friends who are trying to reduce clutter.

–I plan to have all of the toys and children’s books purchased by the end of this month.

By doing this, we miss the Christmas shopping rush. Once we are finished, I plan to start preparing quick and easy meals, for when we are on the road.

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