Decisions, Decisions

An inevitable change has occurred in our adventures. And it is quite bittersweet.

We now have a destination.

We set out, knowing that we would pull the boat Wherever We Ended Up. As we have continued down the Michigan coast, we have been considering Muskegon. They have a nice marina with a shop, where we could get some work done.

The happy news is that we will pass Muskegon, then turn back as we near the end of our cruising (probably the second or third week of August). It’s highly likely that we will make it to the end of the Michigan side.

Which means that we have a decision to make for next summer.

Do we continue on, and complete the Great Loop, over a few years? Do we go up the Wisconsin side? Do we go back up the Michigan side, then go on the the North Channel?

Right now, we’re leaning toward the Great Loop, although it will require some advance planning. We want to have a diesel engine before we cruise on the ocean, and we need to save up enough money to rent cars or ride buses back for Beanie’s therapy appointments. Ride-sharing really isn’t going to work when we’re out of state.

Then there’s the thought of returning home, which seems to foreign. I’m going to hit the ground running with work; instead of teaching middle school English, I learned two days ago that I will be teaching high school math! I assume we’ll purge a lot of possessions when we get back, and I’ll try once again to get us on a routine.

But that’s a ways off.

For now, I’m just going to focus on appreciating every moment we have here. I’ll start photographing the sunsets, since we’re on the sunset side. And I really need to bring back my morning walks.

This has turned into home in every way, and I need to be careful not to take it for granted.

2 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Hi Bethany, It’s always a bit sad when an enjoyable period in one’s life comes to an end, but yours is not going to be an end, just a break. You’ll continue with your adventure next summer and we, your loyal followers, will share it with you (I hope). Meanwhile I’m sure you’ll cherish your great memories. And all the best with the preparation for the new school year. Take care:)

    • Thanks, Hulya! It’s much better for the sailing season to come to its natural conclusion, then to end abruptly (and depressingly) like it did last year. And, don’t worry, we have lots of adventures during the off-season as well…

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